Hand Wrapped Amethyst


Hand Wrapped Amethyst

All stones come pre-cleansed and energized.

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Amethyst Healing Properties
  • Connected to the crown Chakra
  • Blocks of stress, negative energy, and psychic attacks 
  •  Helps one overcome any blockages 
  • Enhances higher state of consciousness, meditation, and spiritual
  • Focuses and calms the mind 
  • Helps with decision making,  calming an overactive mind, and fights insomnia 
  • Helps with remembering dreams,enhances memory, improves motivation 
  • Promotes emotional balance, calms anxiety, alleviates sadness, fear, and anger

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Hand Wrapped Amethyst 




Stainless Steel in gold


stainless steel

*Due to the natural state of the crystals/stones, size shape, and color may vary.

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